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Meet musically minded penpals all over the world
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Swap letters, music mixes, fanzines, etc, with like-minded people

A pen pal community for those of us that're into our alternative music and are seeking to make new like-minded friends across the globe, discover new bands, exchange mix tapes/CDs/fanzines/perzines, and discuss great music, find out what other music is out there in other countries that we might not otherwise stumble across, as well as other artsy things and anything else we feel like.

Receiving letters/packages is a joy that needs to be kept alive.


Community info:

*Membership is moderated.
*Please introduce yourself once your membership request is approved.
*Keep posts Friends-Only.
*PLEASE KEEP POSTS ON TOPIC! Although advertising to do with pen pal communities is okay if you think it's of interest.
*The mods cannot be held responsible for consequences of any arangements made via the community (ie be careful when swapping addresses, meeting up with strangers, etc, etc).
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