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Aug. 18th, 2009

Name: Kirsty
Age: 20
Location (including country): Edinburgh, Scotland

Favourite music genres/bands/record labels, etc: Mumford and Sons; Jarvis Cocker & Pulp; Graham Coxon & Blur; Belle and Sebastian; Arab Stap; Malcolm Middleton; Le Savy Fav; The Hold Steady; Bob Dylan; Los Campesinos; Sons and Daughters; Blondie; Buffalo Springfield; Alessi's Ark; Amanda Palmer & The Dresden Dolls; Wilco; Yo La Tengo; The Brian Jonestown Massacre; British Sea Power; Seabear; Elbow; Flaming Lips; Buzzcocks; The Clash; Sex Pistols; Jay Jay Pistolet; Laura Marling; Frightened Rabbit; Franz Ferdinand; Camera Obscura; The Long Blondes; The Pipettes; M83; Mum; Modest Mouse; Mogwai; My Morning Jacket; Moldy Peaches & Kimya Dawson...to name a few. I'm always interested in new things though.

Interests: art; painting; drawing; photography; fashion; cooking and baking; knitting; sewing; crafting; reading; going to the cinema; going to art galleries; shoes and jewellery; occassionally watching tv; going out with friends; going to the pub; pub quizzing; going out dancing...

What kind of pals are you seeking? Someone roughly my own age (kind of important), who's into similar things. I'd like someone I can make friends with and get to know and discuss things with (books, music, art, cinema etc). A fellow creative type would be good! I'd like someone who can reccommend things to me as well - I like learning about new things. Also I'd prefer someone overseas - something different from the UK!

What kind of letters/packages are you hoping to swap? Letters where you actually get to know someone (hey, I quite like those first few letters that are all about you and are full of questions!). Letters with personality and a little bit of intimacy. I don't really mind what people write - tell me anything! I want to learn and discover new things and maybe do that in return.
Swap-wise; mix cds, little bits of art; jewellery. I know about zines but I've never really seen one or would know where to find one...so those too! Things from around where you live?

About me in general - I'm 20, I just left uni after a year to go back to college to do an art portfolio course. I did one when I left school and am now doing the level up from that. I applied to art college in Dundee and didn't get in and have been feeling completely out of it and uninspired since then. As I'm going back to college, I'm restarting with art and doing basic little drawings for the moment. My ultimately goal IS to get into Dundee this year! Fingers crossed.
I'm currently jobless but did a bit of events work over the summer. I spend my time sitting in the garden, wandering around the shops and the Edinburgh Festival, trying to work my new DSLR camera, going to the pub, going to gigs and shows, sitting in art galleries, learning to drive...I'm exciting :P

I've not had a penpal since I was 16!!!


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Aug. 18th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
Hey! I'm a little bit older than you (25 - born June 84), now not sure how "around your own age" you mean (I'm a pretty young 25, at least I hope I am!). We seem to have a few things in common. I had a look at your profile and we're in a couple of other comms together too. If you're interested add my LJ, and I'll add you back, and my details are in a stickied entry.
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Aug. 25th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
hey, sorry, i was kind of looking for someone more my age and outside the UK. sorry if that's picky!
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