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lets give this a go!

Name: Stephanie, Stephy, Steph, yunno.
Age: 22
Location (including country): Sydney, Australia.

Favourite music genres/bands/record labels, etc:
Mainly traditional ska, 2tone ska, northern soul, rockabilly, oi!, garage, punk rock, reggae, rocksteady, swing, post-punk, soul/motown, indie.Despite this, my favourite band would probably be Demented Are Go, I will say though that my current fixation is 60s girl groups/girl fronted groups/female singers (think Shangri Las to Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, to The Adorables and The Crescendoes to Betty Everett) and 60s RnB, garage and beat (early Rolling Stones, Small Faces and The Eyes and the like... speaking of which I also like The Like). Favourite record label is definitely Tamla Motown records but right now I'm really digging Daptone and Soul Jazz records.

I do three things mainly; dance, create and collect. I swing dance, rock n roll/rockabilly dance (kind of like the jive, but not really) and I do a lot of Northern Soul dancing. Basically, I like to dance and I love retro dance fads from go-go dancing to the stroll to the twist and the stomp. I'm also a big fan of dancing to records in the bedroom and dancing in the kitchen while cooking or preparing food. I create zines and I do a lot of hand sewing too. And things I collect are records, aprons, dresses ('40s to '60s), brooches and pulp art. Essentially, I'm into retro/vintage/old shit.

What kind of pals are you seeking?:
I actually found this community via interests search as I was looking for active communities who listed Northern Soul as an interest, so I guess I'm hoping to find someone else who also loves Northern Soul? The thing is, the people who do love Northern Soul here in Sydney are pretty much all at least 45 years old, British ex-pats and most likely danced at Wigan, Blackpool Mecca, Golden torch etc back in the 70s and while they are awesome people, I guess I'd like to meet someone my age who listens to Northern Soul/rare soul/early motown. But y'know, it's not so much about liking the same shit, it's moreso sharing the same love for discovering new music and really immersing yourself in it through dance, it's history, culture etc and not just plugging in your earphones and hitting shuffle.

What kind of letters/packages are you hoping to swap?:
Any kind of letter, i'm not fussed, I just know I'm over shitty status updates and I miss finding something in my mailbox that isn't a bill or something equally unwelcome. I also make a lot of perzines and so you can totally expect a zine. Probably also one of my little felt pins. Maybe even a mix tape (can't do mix CDs as my disc drive thingy is fucked). Or perhaps a badly drawn picture of a dinosaur. I'm not going to ask for 'creative types' because everyone's creative and I'd dig anything that anyone took the time to send me.


Aug. 18th, 2009

Name: Kirsty
Age: 20
Location (including country): Edinburgh, Scotland

Favourite music genres/bands/record labels, etc: Mumford and Sons; Jarvis Cocker & Pulp; Graham Coxon & Blur; Belle and Sebastian; Arab Stap; Malcolm Middleton; Le Savy Fav; The Hold Steady; Bob Dylan; Los Campesinos; Sons and Daughters; Blondie; Buffalo Springfield; Alessi's Ark; Amanda Palmer & The Dresden Dolls; Wilco; Yo La Tengo; The Brian Jonestown Massacre; British Sea Power; Seabear; Elbow; Flaming Lips; Buzzcocks; The Clash; Sex Pistols; Jay Jay Pistolet; Laura Marling; Frightened Rabbit; Franz Ferdinand; Camera Obscura; The Long Blondes; The Pipettes; M83; Mum; Modest Mouse; Mogwai; My Morning Jacket; Moldy Peaches & Kimya Dawson...to name a few. I'm always interested in new things though.

Interests: art; painting; drawing; photography; fashion; cooking and baking; knitting; sewing; crafting; reading; going to the cinema; going to art galleries; shoes and jewellery; occassionally watching tv; going out with friends; going to the pub; pub quizzing; going out dancing...

What kind of pals are you seeking? Someone roughly my own age (kind of important), who's into similar things. I'd like someone I can make friends with and get to know and discuss things with (books, music, art, cinema etc). A fellow creative type would be good! I'd like someone who can reccommend things to me as well - I like learning about new things. Also I'd prefer someone overseas - something different from the UK!

What kind of letters/packages are you hoping to swap? Letters where you actually get to know someone (hey, I quite like those first few letters that are all about you and are full of questions!). Letters with personality and a little bit of intimacy. I don't really mind what people write - tell me anything! I want to learn and discover new things and maybe do that in return.
Swap-wise; mix cds, little bits of art; jewellery. I know about zines but I've never really seen one or would know where to find one...so those too! Things from around where you live?

About me in general - I'm 20, I just left uni after a year to go back to college to do an art portfolio course. I did one when I left school and am now doing the level up from that. I applied to art college in Dundee and didn't get in and have been feeling completely out of it and uninspired since then. As I'm going back to college, I'm restarting with art and doing basic little drawings for the moment. My ultimately goal IS to get into Dundee this year! Fingers crossed.
I'm currently jobless but did a bit of events work over the summer. I spend my time sitting in the garden, wandering around the shops and the Edinburgh Festival, trying to work my new DSLR camera, going to the pub, going to gigs and shows, sitting in art galleries, learning to drive...I'm exciting :P

I've not had a penpal since I was 16!!!

my mail box is sad:(

I used to do the pen pal thing when i was a lot younger but it finally died when i moved out and started university.
I miss sending and reciving all that mail, so i am ready to get back into the swing of things!
I am looking for more creative letters, this time around, rather than your standard pen to paper only option. Someone to trade photos and music with, someone who will make me a random collage or drawing. Or just send some weird stuff along with thier letter. I'm not talking big packages.. nothing really bigger then a CD envelope. I would rather quality over quantity if you will, so it doesn't really matter how long you take to reply (well, lets be reasonable about that... i would be cool with as little as once a month but would definitly enjoy more then that).

Here are the rest of the details!!

[x]Name: Tiffany
[X]Sex: F
[x]Age: 27
[x]Birthday: 11 Mar 1982
[x]Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
[x]E-mail: tiffanynaugler@gmail.com
[x]Main Interests: music, make-up, hair, rearranging rooms/decorating, bass guitars, the internet... I am a singer & amature photographer.
[x]Described as: short, loud, chubby and has great hair.
[x]Significant Other?: yes
[x]Work?: full time - Operations/Maintaince
[x]Tattoos/Piercings: septum peircing/ears & 4 tattoos
[x]Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Huge Mogwai fan, Battles, Holy Fuck, Errors, Blood Red Shoes, The Twilight Sad, Kyuss, Slint... yea, i like a lot of Post-rock bands. I am also quite into the local Halifax indie music scene.
[X]Favorite Movie: I like movies in general... recommend me some.
[X]Favorite T.V. Show: Six Feet Under, Dexter, Weeds, Californication, Harvey Birdman, Clone High... I also have a tendancy to watch trash TV like Paris Hiltons BBF, Celebrity Rehab & Ru Paul's Drag Race
[x]Where do you want them to be from?: Preferably over seas... UK, Europe ect. but everyone is welcome:)
[x]What age do you want them to be?: doesn't really matter, this is going to be a match of personalities rather then age in the end.

Email me at the addy above for my mailing address.
I have no problem writing the first letter, so feel free to leave me your address if you would rather that.

this is me.

Find out more about me here:
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnaugler/

  • http://post-rockloveaffair.blogspot.com/

  • Hope to hear from you soon!
    Name: Mallory
    Sex: Female
    23 (gonna be 24 on Oct 24)
    Location: Brooklyn, NY (born and raised here. I grew up in East NY and now I live in Sheepshead Bay.
    Favourite music genres/bands/record labels, etc: The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, Smiths, The Clash, I have a strange love affair with Heather Nova and Matthew Sweet, Vampire Weekend, Hercules and Love Affair, Muscles, Tigarah, Bonde do Role, MIA, Santogold, and way more, check my lastfm (marorisan or the list on my info page), I love dance rock, classic goth rock and nu
    Interests: Music, movies, reading (I'm reading Perfume: Story of a Murderer, Something Happened and Custom right now, I try to finish at least two books a week), trolling around Lower Manhattan, smoking, dancing, drinking, comics (currently eating up the good Batman TPBs and the Invisibles), making jewelry, looking at photos of street fashion, thrift shopping, making music, singing, taking photos
    What kind of pals are you seeking? Photographers, jewelry makers, writers, cosmetologists, musicians, pretty much anyone who creates for a living, or aspires to. Age doesn't matter as long as you are mature, and I don't care where you're from or what sex you are. Also, just to let you know, I'm an atheist with liberal political views.
    What kind of letters/packages are you hoping to swap? Zines, jewelry, scarves, trinkets of all sorts.
    A Little About Me: I like long letters, I like good questions. I like to learn things from people and I like to teach them things also. I like a little bit of intimacy in my letters. I'm really good about replying the next day, or two days after I get a letter, so, I'm prompt. I work at Ricky's (its a beauty supply store, in case you aren't familiar. We sell all the essentials, plus sex toys) and I'm an aspiring hair stylist.


    I'm Rachel, 26, from Connecticut.

    songs about water
    songs about sleeping
    songs about sleeping in water
    dreamy music
    obnoxious music
    stringed instruments
    angelic voices
    gravelly voices
    experimental everything
    making things for people
    music recommendations (both giving and receiving)

    jam bands/"that damn hippie music"
    depression as a trend
    unnecessary cruelty/snobbery
    bad spelling and grammar
    half-assed, repetitive techno
    most brass instruments
    girls who irrationally hate other girls
    generic pop-rock
    excessive materialism
    cold weather

    I'm a nice girl and I love sending "real mail". Be my pen-pal.

    I made a banner for the community

    Feel free to take it to use if you want to advertise this community.

    hi new member

    im moving so ill be drastically trimming down my records. here are some

    the fugs usaisamonster mirah lessavyfav etc

    Welcome post!

    Welcome to indie_penpals, the community for finding like-minded musical folk to swap letters, mix-CDs, fanzines and such with.

    Once you're joined up, please post Friends-Only and introduce yourself. You're free to do this in your own style, or you can use this handy form:

    Location (including country):
    Favourite music genres/bands/record labels, etc:
    What kind of pals are you seeking?
    What kind of letters/packages are you hoping to swap?

    Enjoy the community, and remember all posts to be Friends-Only, and be careful with swapping addresses/meets.